Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Most Tragically Hip Art Show

The blooming of the daffodils and tulips here in Portland signals the beginning of art fair season. This past Monday and Tuesday were spent inside one of Portland's largest office buildings as a group of independent designers, crafters and artists displayed our wares through the newly created artist group, HandmadeNW.

Friday and Saturday will be spent at the school of indie rock star's children (The Shins, The Decemberists, Sleater Kinney, Modest Mouse, Stephen Malkmus and the scions of other famous rockers), Buckman Elementary. The Buckman School Art Show & Sell on Friday, April 11 and Saturday, April 12 at Buckman Elementary School in Portland, Oregon benefits the Buckman Arts Focus Elementary School and will be featuring the work of more than 100 Pacific Northwest artists.

Already written up in Pitchfork, the most popular online taste making music magazine, the Buckman Art Show and Sell is kicking off the event with a benefit concert by The Shins' James Mercer and Pavement's Stephen Malkmus held at the tragically hip Jupiter Hotel next to the tragically hip Doug Fir Lounge.

I am very excited for this event and for the rest of the summer art shows as well. Art fairs provide me with a sense of community, belonging and conversation. I enjoy chatting with customers and artists alike and come away feeling renewed and inspired.

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Mrs.French said...

I am so bummed out that I missed the HandmadeNW show. But I am definitely going to the Buckman Show (maybe I will see you there). When is the concert and what time? Oooo, and I love the illustration in this post.

LeaKarts said...

Yay, I am doing Buckman as well--I will see you there!

Octavine Illustration said...

here's the info on the concert:

James Mercer, frontman for The Shins, and Stephen Malkmus, of Pavement & Stephen Malkmus and The Jicks will rock the stylish Jupiter Hotel stage on Friday, April 11. The evening's proceeds will benefit the award-winning arts-integrated academic education program of Buckman Elementary School Arts Focus.

A silent art auction; video shorts; and a Buckman student art gallery will complete the evening's festivities.

Jupiter Hotel
800 East Burnside, Portland
map & directions

Friday, April 11, 2008
Doors open 7pm
21 and over only

Tickets are $50
Purchase online here, or visit Jackpot Records at 3574 SE Hawthorne and 203 SW Ninth Avenue.

Cicada Studio said...

She reminds me of my Great Grandmother, who was French and had a strong but elegant profile. Very lovely.

Little Pods Clothing said...

What a cool way to spend the day!

Mary-Laure said...

Tulips and daffodils are always so beautiful...

Enjoy the show!

Rosebud Collection said...

Sounds like a real busy time..Your illustrations are wonderful..

Anonymous said...

Good luck at the Buckman show (will the Tragically Hip be there, though? Har har!) I like doing fairs, too, for the same reason - meeting customers face to face and being surrounded by lots of beautiful art and crafts!

Hyla Waldron said...

WoW, what a beautiful piece!

pve design said...

Wish I could pop over, sounds like an exciting and inspiring time. I always slave away prior to shows and then feel totally ready to get back to the drawing board as my work is snapped up.
I always say, "time to make the doughnuts"
Love the artwork - the red lips and nails are a pop.

Margins. said...

Oh, the Buckman Show sounds like such greatness. And for such a good cause! I bet it was loads of fun. I mean, the Shins were there, after all!

Looking at your music list makes me overjoyed with happiness. Yay, I love your blog.

Curly Girl Glass said...

I couldn't go because I'm not even minimally hip, let alone tragically hip. And besides, my skinny jeans were at the cleaners. ;)

Luky said...

WOOOW !!! i loooooove your work.

High Desert Diva said...

I think this is my favorite image yet...very French, very chic.


Hurrah! Craft show season!

Octavine Illustration said...

Thank you for all your wonderful comments!~

Mrs.French--the show went great! i'm sorry i missed you!~

LeaKarts--so nice having a friend to converse with whilst art fairing away...

Cicada Studio--i agree, she looks very french. your grandmother must have been so pretty. i just love her strong noble nose.

Little Pods Clothing--i had a great time and met so many amazing artists from all over the great Northwest!

Mary-Laure--indeed, i think spring is my greatest time of inspiration.

Rosebud Collection--starting to get really busy, yes. and thank you!

antigenre--it's so nice and helpful to see what people like and it give you quite an ego boost as well and i love seeing what others are up to.

Hyla Waldron--thank you!

pve design--i know, i think art shows motivate me the most to get things moving. but those late nights right before always seem to do me in. i like your donuts mantra.

Margins.--ooh, it was fun. and very hip, of course. living in portland exposes one to such amazing indie rock. thank you!

curly girl glass--oh, my dear, even though you may doubt your own hipness (i don't) your beautiful jewelry is very hip.

luky--hearing you give such a wonderful compliment truly makes my day as i think you are one of my favorite artists. thank you.

high desert diva--thank you! it's my mother's new fave as well. i'm telling you, it's her nose which makes her look so french and elegant. oh, and the nails help.

charm school dropout--i know...i'm gearing up!

Waterrose said...

Oh, I'm sorry I missed this son lives in Portland and I'm sure he would have enjoyed going to the concert. I'll check back more often so that I can give him a heads up...

Jenrosesegrest said...

I love your style, it reminds me so much of art nouveau. I love the lines in your work, very fluid.
well done, jen