Thursday, April 17, 2008

This Old House

I was born and raised in the beautiful state of New Mexico. Hailing from this "Land of Enchantment," I believe, creates part of my need for space and time. I deplore the notion of being caged in by my surroundings; and the open sky and few people, endless desert and cowboy mentality allow me to breathe freely, openly and privately.

Everything is old in New Mexico. Not like in Portland where everyone lives in a Victorian, but rather old as in "old as dirt," literally. Many homes are built of mud and straw and many date back three hundred years and more.

The image pictured, done in the style of a 1940s postcard, is a piece commissioned by one of the members of a Boston knitting group that was screen-printed onto Eco-totes for use as knitting bags.

The retreat was held at her family home in Tularosa, New Mexico. This southern New Mexico home was an actual military fort used by the Spanish and has served as the family's private residence for three generations.

Listed on the National Historic Register, this centuries old adobe is essentially a fortress with walls three feet deep and window slats used to aim rifles through. The illustration pictured is based on this historical and architectural gem and is my first foray into architectural rendering, Art Deco style.

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Dawn said...

I absolutely LOVE New Mexico. I visited a friend in Las Cruces a few years back and left my heart somewhere on a gypsum plateau in The White Sands.

The history of "this old house" is fascinating...very cool!

Mrs.French said...

Your talents are boundless....I went to New Mexico for the first time a month ago. Magical place, like no other place in the US.

Hadley Gets Crafty said...

Speaking of ancientness... did you ever go to Acoma Pueblo in New Mexico. It's generally around the Gallup area. I always stop when I'm driving home to Kentucky from Arizona. It's so absolutely bizarre. Old as dirt, indeed!

A World in a PAN said...

Hi, I am sure you're ging to like my chinaware! I took the picture thinking of you

Elaine Biss Designs said...

Gorgeous work! It captures a little piece of New Mexico!

Rosebud Collection said...

What a beautiful card..I have never been to New Mexico, but it sound wonderful.

heidi said...

gorgeous! love the color palette.

David Thompson said...

For a first foray into deco-style archtecture rendering it looks fantastic and the colours are gorgeous.

Paolo Sarangaya said...

Who doesn't love mexico? me myself i want to see mexico, ola!

many filipino youth like me loves to visit there and i am counted to thousand who want to go there.

and i love your illustration.. very artistic indeed.

please do visit my site. CLICK!


High Desert Diva said...

I'd say your first architectural rendering is a success.

What a great item to take home from this retreat!

design for mankind. said...

Awww, this is such a dreamy post! :)

P.S. Original said...

Love the spirit of New Mexico, wonderful blog!

The Nature Nut said...

I've never been to New Mexico but it sounds like my kind of place. I need open spaces or I suffocate. The person who commissioned the tote bags must have been thrilled - the drawing is wonderful.

Chucka Stone Designs said...

What an amazing story of the family home in NM. Beautiful artwork, you have a very pleasing color combo here and I love all the little detail you added like the scarf & stitch-like zig-zags on the town name. Have you ever been there (Tularosa)? Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day & for your kind comments, catch you around!

decadentdiamond said...

A really beautiful colourway! Love the teal with the white especially. Art Deco is one of my most favourite art movements, especially the clothing and jewellery, you illustrate it so perfectly. .. I also scrolled down to read about your size 35 feet, I am a 36!

Margins. said...

New Mexico sounds wonderful!

Know what? I'm actually going there in May for my cousin's wedding. Didn't know what to expect. It'll be my first time and now I am very much excited.

Thanks for that.

Cakespy said...

This is gorgeous--I love how you've taken the New Mexico style but crossed it with your own. The color palette is just gorgeous. I wish this was on a t-shirt or something!

HareAndDrum said...

You just changed my view of American south. I used to live in Nevada, where everything is new, new, new. The adobe you captured in this card is unforgettable!

jivewhiteboy said...

this definitely is a departure from most of your other work. very nice.

Luky said...

Beautiful work!

pve design said...

Wow, absolutely love the stories behind your work!
History re-invented and re-knitted all together.
Wonderful art-work!

woolies said...

My trip to New Mexico many years ago left a permanent imprint on me. Have you been to Chaco Canyon?
At the time of my visit, I lived in Philadelphia. Now I live in Tucson, but it is still not as magical as New Mexico.

TexasTesla said...

Wonderful rendering - I really enjoy the cactus plants details.

tangobaby said...

Wow, I never would have guessed about you and New Mexico. I figured you had grown up in some charming Art Deco bungalow full of Depression glass somewhere...

The illustration is fabulous. I love the colors, too.

espionage said...

You are all over with commissioned work. I hope that one day I can streamline my love for art like you and create something people love.

chloe van paris said...

I love your blog
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have a look to my french art@fashion blog.rkpa

Callooh Callay said...

I haven't been back to visit New Mexico in a few years now, and I miss it. It is such a wonderful place (though when I get home, to Missouri, I'm always glad to see the green).

Octavine Illustration said...

Thanks everyone for such lovely comments. It makes my heart sing to know New Mexico is so special to so many of you.

Dawn: White Sands is absolutely amazing. If you would like to see something that looks like it is not meant for this earth, go there.

Mrs. French: indeed, so magical...and thank you, you always know how to make me feel supported.

Hadley: Acoma is one of my favorite places in New Mexico and is actually the longest continually inhabited place in the United States (since 1200 CE!) and truly magically ancient.

World in a Pan: thanks for the picture. Beautiful china.

Elaine Biss: Thank you!

Rosebud Collection: A place well worth a visit and inexpensive as well!

Heidi: Thank You!

David Thompson: Thank you!

Paolo: Although not Mexico it does have a very unique culture with many similarities.

High Desert Diva: thank you! it was great to see all the girls carrying their knitting around in my bags.

Design For Mankind: thank you!

P.S. Original: thank you!

Nature Nut: oh, thank you! and open space is vital to my creativity. I need it to survive. Sometimes that can be hard in Portland when the foliage is so thick.

Chucka Stone Design: Thank you so much for your wonderful comments! And indeed, I have been to Tularosa. The area is pretty but the town rather lacking.

Decadent Diamond: Small feet rule!

Margins.: oh, you are going to have an amazing time! summer weddings in New Mexico (before it gets too hot) are so beautiful. I myself got married in New Mexico.

Cakespy: Thanks so much! And, mmmm....a tee...good idea!

Hare and Drum: Although much of New Mexico is becoming a giant cookie cutter sprawl, there is still so much history and incredible architecture to be had as it's been settle for so long.

Jive White Boy: It's fun to draw something other than people sometimes!

Luky: Thank you~

PVE Design: Thank you...I think it's important to know how images come about. It adds to their character.

Woolies: Chaco Canyon is another one of those places that I think no one should miss. It is absolutely incredible and along worth a trip to New Mexico.

Texas Tesla: Thanks! The cactus was one of my favorite parts as well.

Tango Baby: Funny how we get a picture in our heads of someone. No, I grew up among the roadrunners and tumbleweeds, but my folks house was a different story altogether (and a wonderful idea for a blog post, thus...TO BE CONTINUED!) Oh, and thank you. Your encouragement is invaluable.

Chloe van Paris: Thank You!

Calooh Callay: The lack of green is one of the most difficult things for some to deal with...but the subtle colors of the desert landscape can be simply breathtaking.

diana @ please sir said...

Thanks for your commment on my blog - wonderful pictures!