Saturday, January 19, 2008

A Little Attitude

This image is one of my most popular designs. Modeled on a conglomeration of old fashion photos, this was actually one of my first full size paintings. This print, available on my Etsy shop, favors the 1950s with an Art Deco flair. Modern yet restrained. Sophisticated yet sassy.

It was one of four illustrations I had silk-screened onto professional chefs aprons. The aprons are all gone but the images remain.

I do not sell my originals. Partly because I could never part with one, but mostly because I do not trust digital technology enough to ensure its survival. To me art must be real, something that can be touched.

I think it important that the origin of a piece of art also be organic (Of course that then begs the question "What is Art?". But I digress, I'll leave that to the academics.). There is something about purely digital art that is harsh on the eye. I have a difficult time watching CGI movies or cartoons drawn digitally as they have little natural flow.

It is no wonder I prefer Art Deco stylings, Art Nouveau decoration and Craftsman simplicity--crave the antique rather than seek the modern.

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High Desert Diva said...

ah...we have the same mindset, I see

Crafty Ladies said...

Beautiful! I look forward to seeing more!

Jillian said...

fabulous design.