Monday, January 14, 2008

PDX Etsy Show

On December 22, my local Etsy group put on our first ever Solstice sale held at Portland State University in conjunction with the Portland Farmers Market.

A grassroots effort, the show was a success and gave everyone an opportunity to put a face to a screen name.

PDX Etsy is a consortium of artists from throughout the Portland area seeking to find community and promote art, craft and Etsy.

In addition, PDX Etsy is an invaluable resource for questions, concerns, vending information and marketing.

Artists helping artists.


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Ivan Chan Studio said...

What fun! You look like you're having a great time, too. :)

Thanks for introducing your blog on the Etsy forums!

Take care,


Field Notes said...

Your bat mitzva card is wonderful! I am so envious you get to do those things in Portland! I wish I was closer to PDX ... stuck in Walla Walla for now.