Saturday, January 12, 2008

On Moleskines

Parisian Girl Moleskine--$10. through my Etsy Shop

The best thing for travel writing is a Moleskine.
Moleskine is a legendary notebook
used by European artists and thinkers
for the past two centuries.

Originally produced by small French bookbinders
who supplied the Parisian stationery shops frequented
by the international avant-garde.

The notebooks are hand-silkscreened and hand-painted
with original illustrations by me.

The binding is stitched,
there is a pocket inside
and the last sixteen pages
are detachable.

Handmade in Italy.

Please see my Etsy shop for purchase information.

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the muse said...

i always keep a moleskine in my bag. what a wonderful idea! it is hard to find something like this but grown-up you know?

sophie philo said...

I don't go out without it!
i like your illustration on it.