Monday, February 25, 2008

Calligraphy As Art: Hebrew, Font and The Invitation

The beauty of Hebrew calligraphy is its malleability. One can render letters to create a mood, atmosphere or theme.

Pictured is the cover of a wedding invitation. The graphic is the Hebrew names of the bride and groom interlaced with one another.

The design of a wedding invitation can be quite a process--possibly involving the bride, her mother, the groom, an aunt or sister or two, and, of course, a mother-in-law; quite a force to be reckoned with.

However, so many minds at work produces a work of art in which everyone has played a part. Feeling truly part of the festivities for this most important aspect, the wedding invitation, allows for the family to help the bride and groom begin their life anew.

But sometimes, I am given full artistic license (as in this case) and just go with a feeling I have about the couple; allowing my creativity to simply grow from there.

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hadley said...

Hebrew is so beautiful. I've been wanting to look into Arabic calligraphy - any experience?

Cakespy said...

Gosh, i have always found Hebrew to be so beautiful visually (though I couldn't read it!). Nice to have creative license, eh?

PS--will be in touch about the other project soon!