Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A Design Revolution

Last night I had the occasion to attend Design Sponge's Biz Lady Meeting. A workshop held by the wildy popular blog, Design Sponge, as local design success Amy Ruppel as well as a Portland independent woman business owner, a Mercy Corps representative and the founder of Design Sponge herself gave over precious marketing, business planning and PR advice.

As Portland is a hot-bed for indie designers from illustration to fashion to jewelry and everything in between, it was the largest event that the New York-based Design Sponge ever held. There's an design revolution a brewing here, I'm telling you.

For many of us artistic ladies, solitude is the norm. The opportunity to meet others in similar fields and discuss ourselves, our business, our concerns and our future is invaluable.

Thus, I dedicate this painting to Design Sponge. It is entitled Demeter, Goddess of Fertility.

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Anonymous said...

Oh wow!! I hope you had fun! I love Design Sponge! It's always so inpiring!

handmade julz said...

What a fantastic evening! I had fun at our after party as well ;)

Tally O said...

Hey! Another nice Jewish girl? Hurray! I'm so glad you came to check me out and leave a comment. I just love your art and have added you to my favorites!

ThePeachTree said...

Isn't Grace amazing :) I bet it was a wonderful time!