Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Femme Fatale

One of my favorite movies of all time is His Girl Friday starring Rosalind Russell, in what is perhaps one of the greatest roles of all time, and the exceptionally charming Mr. Cary Grant.

Ms. Russell plays Hildy Johnson, a clever, sassy and beautiful reporter. Cary Grant is Walter Burns, her inescapably enchanting ex-husband. The premise of the movie concerns Hildy who will be happy to live a life where she will be treated like a real woman, not a newsman. Walter seeks to lure her back to the paper and the career-driven life they shared.

A sampling of the lightning-fast, searing dialogue:

Walter Burns: There's been a lamp burning in the window for ya, honey... here.
Hildy Johnson: Oh, I jumped out that window a long time ago.

Pictured is my tribute Hildy Johnson: professional, scorchingly intelligent, beautiful and, of course, well-dressed.

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tangobaby said...

I wouldn't categorize Ms. Russell as a Femme Fatale (I'd give that moniker to someone like Barbara Stanwyck in Double Indemnity or Rita Hayworth in Gilda) but you've created a great image and a wonderful tribute to a fantastic film.

Hadley Gets Crafty said...

I wish hats were still a common part of women's dress. I just love your lady's hat.

chelsea said...

If only stylish femininity would come back. Ahhh to dress like an elegant lady, and always look smashing. (typing in my jeans...blah!)

Love your illustration!

Cakespy said...

...of COURSE, well dressed. ;-) Love it, and I have never seen the movie! Now I see that I need to though.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your sweet comment! :) You have a lovely blog! I will have to stop by again! :)

LeaKarts said...

I love the blue of her coat on the crisp black background :)

Allison said...

Such a classic look for a classy lady. I love that film.