Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Calligraphy & The Wedding

Calligraphy finds its place most comfortably in the context of the wedding. The graceful lines, organic forms and classic flourishes exude formality and elegance.

I have had the occasion to calligraph numerous wedding invitations. I create my own alphabets based on examples from Art Nouveau and Art Deco scripts.

As a left-hander, I have a very specific nib that I must use. Unlike the majority of calligraphy nibs, a left-hand nib is oblique.

I am fiercely loyal to the brand of my first calligraphy set gifted to me at age 11. However, about a decade ago, this small British company was sold and the pens are now made in China and of lesser quality.

I still have the original British calligraphy pen and have since bought a spare as well, but locating left-hand nibs for a now extinct calligraphy pen proves quite a difficult task indeed.

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MGoodell said...

beautifl work! I wish I knew you when I had my wedding in September...I will be watching your blog!

Luky said...

I loooooooooove your work! very beautiful illustrations and calligraphy ! i'll be back!

Furkid Fever said...

Love your blog!! Your calligraphy is beautiful.

Nina said...

love the calligraphy. it's really beautiful and delicate. love the art deco illustrations too

tangobaby said...

I think it's wonderful that you have been able to use and care for your special pens for so many years. I am guessing it is uncommon for pens to last a long time.

I found this image and used it in my blog a little while ago, but I'm guessing it's something you'd really appreciate:


Annie Howes said...

Wow! You are a wonderful calligrapher! And your shop looks amazing.

femputer said...

your calligraphy is so lovely!

Devonia said...

I particularly identifed with your comment about "isolation". I often feel that way - as if I'm working and "talking" to air, and then someone, this time - you, adds me as a blog friend and I peek in and realize that though many miles separate us - there are like souls out there. Creating, reading, sharing... reaching for the best they have to give. Thanks for sharing. I'll return often.