Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Elegance in the Kitchen

I hate cooking. But I love cooking accessories. I collect Le Creuset not because it is top of the line cookware, but rather its beautiful colors and 1920s design. Same with a Kitchenaid. I wouldn't even know how to turn the thing on nor do I care to really learn, but I'm saving up for the mixer in tangerine, because I love anything tangerine.

Over the summer I picked up a seafoam green Sunbeam hand-mixer from a garage sale. It works fantastic, but I simply enjoy its chrome and steel classic Cadillac retro aesthetic.

This passion for vintage kitchen accessories afforded me the notion to screenprint my Art Deco style original images onto cotton kitchen aprons. Sold at craft fairs throughout the Pacific Northwest, aprons by Octavine Illustration have proven a great seller. Although these aprons are highly practical, wearable and washable, I have had more than a few customers who buy the Art Deco style aprons simply to hang in their kitchens. Not to cook with, but rather as a display. These are customers after my own heart.

The cotton kitchen apron pictured is hand screen-printed using my original Art Deco image "Les Filles Veulent Juste Avoir l'Amusement" (Girls Just Want to Have Fun) and is available through my Etsy shop.

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Cakespy said...

Oh, these are great! Elegant but still fun!

sweetbeans said...

Pretty! I love Le Creuset, too.

Art of My Beat said...

Your work is great! Can I ask where you got that lovely black scrollwork piece that's holding the apron? I love those types of pieces.